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Posted by plusmusicnew 26 de mayo de 2010

Jeff Buckley is the one of the most influential artists en the last 20 years, and “Grace” one of the best 15 records ever, its influence is quite noticeable in many bands and very obvious in some subsequent records and entire scenes around the world, its vastness is that revisiting the past and knew how to move it to its present, supported by his incredible voice and tone rarely visible Rock and especially the very difficult to stick to conventional rock rhythms.
Thirteen years after his death, there are figures like Matthew Bellamy (much screaming) or Chris Martin (more sencible) or Tom Yorke (more freaky) but not one even close to matching the depth and Jeff inborrable footprint in the Rock.
Please if you've never heard this album, maybe you should stop and give time for some bands and dedicated to a nearly forgotten figure in some form of worship, even though deserves as much attention as other heroes of Rock & Roll.

Band- Jeff Buckley
Country- U.S.A.
Listen this Albums, and watch the influence for made "Grace"-
-Nick Drake- "Five Leaves Left"
-Tim Buckley- "Goodbye & Hello"
-Leonard Cohen- "Various Positions"
-Bob Dylan- "Blood On The Tracks"
-The Smiths- "The Queen Is Dead"

Like this?, Try this... This albums is obviously influented by Jeff Buckley-
-Radiohead- "The Bends"
-Elliot Smith- "Either/Or"
-Chris Cornell- "Euphoria Morning"
-PJ Harvey- "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea"
-Coldplay- "Parachutes"
-MUSE- "Origin Of Symmetry"
-Travis- "12 Memories"
-Ryan Adams- "Rock N Roll"
-Keane- "Hopes And Fears"
-Rufus Wainwright- "Want To"
-Hope Of The States- "The Lost Riots"
-Scarlett Johansson & Pete Yorn- "Break Up"
-Joan As Police Woman- "To Survive"

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